//Contribute Cloud Software gets Multi-Cast Functionality

Contribute Cloud Software gets Multi-Cast Functionality

The ability to send a student’s or participant’s screen, wirelessly up to the LED has been something that we at TouchIT Technologies had been asked for for a long time. In response, we released the Contribute Cast functionality in January this year. Well, this functionality has just been ‘turbo charged’ and we are pleased to announce that Contribute Cloud now comes with a Multi-Cast functionality.

What is Multi-Cast?

Multi-Cast is that term that we have coined for streaming multiple student’s or participant’s screens up to the TouchIT LED live and in real time. As with Contribute Cast, there is no additional hardware needed, all the ‘clever stuff’ is done in the cloud. What is more, the teacher or presenter has full control of who is casting and is also able to switch between a single user’s Cast and a Multi-Cast screen. 


Physical space dictates that we only want to show 4 screens at once on the LED – any more than this they become a little too small. However, you can have the whole class or meeting casting at the same time and simply scroll down the Multi-Cast window.

Comparative Analysis

Multi-Cast is perfect for doing comparative activities or analysis with your students or colleagues. Being able to have screens side by side on the LED as the central focal point is just simply, perfect.

Available NOW!

Because Contribute Cloud is cloud-based, there is nothing for you to update to get this new functionality. Simply login as you normally do and in the notifications window, you will find the Multi-Cast options.

For more information and to try the software head over to http://contribute.cloud


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