//Contribute Cloud Software Expands its Feature Set to View .Notebook File Format

Contribute Cloud Software Expands its Feature Set to View .Notebook File Format

Contribute Cloud Software Expands its Feature Set to View .Notebook File Format

Austin, TX, USA 24th May 2018.

TouchIT Technologies is pleased to announce that it has expanded the software feature set of Contribute Cloud Software to incorporate the ability to view Smart Technologies ’ .Notebook File Format.

“Transitioning from one brand’s product line to another is never a straight forward process” commented Ronnie Murphy, President at TouchIT Technologies. “By introducing the ability to view your Smart Notebook files, we are facilitating the transitional process for our customers as they don’t lose their legacy content and lesson material when they move to our products” he added.

The 1.0 of the .Notebook viewer goes live into the Contribute Cloud software this week. Users are able to select and view the .Notebook format from their cloud storage devices or their local computer, just as they do already with many file formats, such as images, PDFs, Google Docs, Microsoft etc. Further functionality is planned for the forthcoming months to deal with the embedded videos, links and other ‘widgets’ but this is the first stage in being able to view some of the most popular legacy file formats educators are using in the marketplace.

“This is the first step in some pretty exciting developments with the software over the summer period,“ commented Mr Murphy. “We’ve a whole host of new features planned; additional functionality with the viewer, a new User Interface, further imports of other common file formats sure as .Flipchart as well as some authoring tools for lesson creation” he concluded.

The Company recently announced the inclusion of Multi-Cast into Contribute Cloud – this is the functionality where multiple students are able to send wirelessly their screens from a computer or Chromebook to the front of class LED at the same time. This enables a teacher to do comparison work with the students as well as collaboration.

Contribute Cloud is the company’s leading collaboration and casting platform that is supplied at no charge or limitation to TouchIT Technologies’ Interactive LED users. Available in 4 sizes (55”, 65” 75” & 86”), the Y Series Interactive LED combines driver and calibration free operation with 10pt multi-touch, and benefits from an anti-glare, tempered glass finish plus an on board Android Operating System. Designed especially for schools, the Y series offers the users computer-free operation and an abundance of content through the TouchIT App Store which has around 1000 free Apps and access to Contribute Cloud collaboration software.

For more information please visit www.touchittechnologies.com

http://contribute.cloud or contact sales@touchittechnologies.com

About TouchIT Technologies

Founded in 2008, headquartered in the USA, TouchIT Technologies designs and manufactures innovative touch-based interactive products for use in both Education and Corporate environments under the TouchIT Technologies brand name as well as under OEM brands throughout the world. TouchIT as a company began manufacturing Interactive Whiteboards which were sold to over 30 countries World Wide. Today, the Company focuses on its interactive flat panels and associated software.

TouchIT Technologies develops and exclusively owns the Contribute range of Interactive Software. Including Contribute Cloud, Contribute App, and Contribute Signage.

TouchIT Technologies has offices in USA, South America, Europe, and Middle East manufactures its range of interactive products in the Far East.

For more information please visit www.touchittechnologies.com

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