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Contribute Cloud Tutorials

Here you will find everything you need to get started with Contribute Cloud. Our Video Tutorials cover all aspects of the software from creating your account to linking to Google Classroom

Creating an Account

  • Create and Account

  • Use Social Media Profiles

  • Username and Password

Creating your First Workbook

  • Create Workbook

  • Use Cloud Storage

Creating Class Lists

  • Class Lists

  • Google Classroom

Opening a Workbook and Inviting Participants to a Session

  • Open Workbooks

  • Email Invitations

Joining a Collaboration Session Manually

  • http://join.contribute.cloud

  • Join a session

Presentation Mode Toolbars

  • Presentation Mode

  • Toolbars

  • Controls

Notifications, Slides and the Bell Icon

  • Bell Icon

  • Notifications

Adding Images to Slides in Contribute Cloud

  • 2m Images

  • Upload from your Computer

  • Phone or Tablet as a Visualiser

Casting for Teachers

  • Casting

Casting for Students / Participants

  • Casting for Students

Contribute Chat

  • Group Chat

  • Live

Self Paced Student Mode

  • Self Paced Student Mode

Contribute Cloud Video

  • Distance Learning

  • Live Video Broadcast

Download to PDF for Students / Participants

  • Download Lesson