//Top 5 Features of Contribute Digital Signage for Schools

Top 5 Features of Contribute Digital Signage for Schools

Our approach to digital signage is that you should not have to be a graphic designer in order to create good looking yet functional layouts. You also should not have to outsource this task to a 3rd party company which costs you money. You should be able to manage, create and update your own digital signage layouts whenever you like, from any browser. Contribute Signage allows you to do just that.

With Contribute Digital Signage Software we have created a super simple drag and drop, WYSIWYG editor that allows you to import from the media gallery your own images and videos. Add clocks and other widgets like a Twitter feed and the latest weather. All of this is done right inside a browser from any connected device.

You can make use of one of our many professionally designed layouts to give you a base to work with for your own signage. Add your own logos, images and text and you are ready to go. Deploying the digital signage is just like choosing a TV channel to watch. Assign the layout to a channel and a channel to your playback device. It is that simple.

WYSIWYG editor

With a combination of widgets and a WYSIWYG drag and drop editor, creating good looking digital signage is straight forward with Contribute Digital Signage. We don’t want you to have to be a graphic designer in order to create something that looks the part in your school. Quickly and simply you can add your own logos, images and videos to the signage. Combine that with an RSS feed and your twitter account and you have the beginnings of a great-looking piece of digital signage.

Playback Apps

Our Android and Windows playback Apps give you the flexibility to choose which operating system you want to deliver your signage to your screens. You are even able to use the Android App on your Smart TV or Interactive LED to playback signage and connect it to your Admin Panel. Don’t worry if you loose your internet connection, you are not streaming signage, it is downloaded onto the individual device.

Crisis Management

Unfortunately, in this day and age, we have to plan for the worst. Built into our Contribute Signage software is the ability to deploy warning messages with one press of a button to all your connected playback devices. This can be done from any device with an internet connection and browser, so activating this from your cell phone is quick and simple.

Control & Manage From Anywhere

All of your signage can be managed from anywhere through any device with a web browser and an internet connection. Signage is created online. Deployed online and managed online. Through our web control panel you have total control of all of your connected playback devices.

Flexibility through Groups and Channels

As we have seen, you can control your signage and manage it through our web control panel. We offer the flexibility of being able to group your devices together and just like TV, set them to play a “channel”. This makes deploying the same signage on multiple screens quick and easy. Turn channels on and off at your leisure and you can even set a schedule for the channels to play at a certain time of the day.


For more information on Contribute Signage or to try the software for yourself, head over to www.contributesignage.com


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