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7 Reasons why TouchIT Technologies should be your Technology Partner

When you are looking or considering choosing your technology partner, wither this be for your school or your business, we recognise there is a lot to consider. Whilst TouchIT Technologies is not a household name like some of the other names in our industry, we'd like to share with you seven reasons that you should [...]

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Top 5 Features of the TouchIT Y Series for 2018

The Y Series Interactive LED from TouchIT Technologies is available in 4 sizes, 55", 65", 75" and 86". All sizes benefit from an on board android operating system offering the user pc-free operation. 10pt multi-touch means 10 simultaneous touches can be recognised on the screen at the same time. A wide viewing angle and anti-glare [...]

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5 Things you didn’t know about Contribute Cloud in 2018

Contribute Cloud is a lesson and presentation creation platform. It is a lesson and presentation distribution platform. And it is also a collaboration and casting platform. All of this can be done without installing any software on your computer and all you need is a browser. 1.    Free for TouchIT Customers   License fees. [...]

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New TouchIT App Store Released – 6x Faster Downloads!

The brand new TouchIT App Store V1.5 has been launched and is now available to install on your TouchIT Y Series LED The main feature of this release is that it is up to 6 times faster to download Apps than before. We think you are going to love it! There are a couple of [...]

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Why PowerPoint Should not be used as Digital Signage for Schools

Microsoft PowerPoint was designed as a presentation tool for corporations back in the early 1990s. At no point did Microsoft envisage this product being used for digital signage purposes especially not in an education environment.  No Recovery One of the key elements of Digital Signage is what happens if a display or a computer looses [...]

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Why should I be replacing Interactive Whiteboard with Interactive LEDs or Flat Panels in my classroom?

The Interactive whiteboard has been around now for some time. Invented by Smart Technologies back in the early nineties, single handedly this technology changed classrooms around the world. However, today, what we are seeing is that many Interactive Whiteboards are coming to the end of their active lives. They have been in situ some for [...]

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5 Reasons that Contribute Cloud Makes Sense in the 2018 Classroom

Contribute Cloud is a lesson creation, lesson distribution and collaboration platform. As the name suggests, it is cloud-based which means as the user, there is nothing to install. There is nothing to update or maintain as we at TouchIT Technologies do all of this from our own servers. So what is the catch? Quite simply [...]

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How to Chromecast without any additional hardware

Chromecasting. The "must have" for the Chromebook enabled classroom in 2018. So what is it? According to Wikipedia, "Chromecast is a line of digital media players developed by Google. The devices, designed as small dongles, enable users with a mobile device or personal computer to initiate and control playback of Internet-streamed audiovisual content on a [...]

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How to Connect to Google Drive on a Y Series LED’s Onboard Android

Firstly, to access Google Drive, you are going to want to download Google Chrome Browser to the Interactive, LED. This is the best browser available for the Y series and you can get it from the TouchIT App Store. The fastest way to download it is open the Browser (from the home screen with the [...]

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Introduction to Contribute Signage

Digital Signage. There are lots of different options on the market. Why on earth have TouchIT released Contribute Signage? Simple questions that I am sure a lot of you are asking yourselves. However, what we have put together with Contribute Signage is quite a different value proposition and something that is aimed mainly at the [...]

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