//7 Reasons why TouchIT Technologies should be your Technology Partner

7 Reasons why TouchIT Technologies should be your Technology Partner

When you are looking or considering choosing your technology partner, wither this be for your school or your business, we recognise there is a lot to consider. Whilst TouchIT Technologies is not a household name like some of the other names in our industry, we’d like to share with you seven reasons that you should consider us for your touch-based technology.


We’re a US corporation so service as you would expect is top of the list. We know that not having the brand recognition of others means that we have to fight for every opportunity and we MUST unequivocally delivery exceptional service to the customer. We believe that we do so why not give us the opportunity to show you?


Support is essential for our products. The products that we sell do comment a 4 figure price tag so it is imperative that we can support the customer. And we can! Being the manufacturer of the products means that we know them inside and out. We’ve built a support system which is second to none. We have online chat, FAQs, ticket system, tutorials, online training, and phone support just to mention a few. If there is a problem or you are struggling, we’re here to help.


We are that confident in the products that we manufacture that our Interactive LEDs come with a 3 year on site warranty as standard. That means that if there is a problem, we diagnose it, send out the parts and send a technician to fit them. This is all done at your location and at your convenience. 

Training and Professional Development

Training and PD is something that is really close to our hearts. We know that if we train our customers well, they will use the product more and ultimately purchase more product from us. Therefore, we do invest a large amount of time into training and PD. We have free online courses, offer webinars and deliver dozens and dozens of in-person live training sessions every year. Training and PD is paramount to the success of the company and also the product.

Specialist Product Manufacturer

There are now some household names that have entered the large format touch screen display market. For these manufacturers and OEMs this product is an afterthought, it is not their core business. For us, touchscreens represent 99% of what we do as a company. We are very much a specialist in this area and large format touch screens are not an after thought for us. When you are choosing your partner, think whether you would like a household name, or someone that really knows what they are doing in the business?

Specialist Software Developer

We write, design and develop our own software. The Contribute family of products that covers offline annotation, cloud-based collaboration and casting and Digital Signage has been developed by our seasoned professionals that know the market. The software is designed to help you get the most out of the hardware and really maximize your purchase. Also, as we manufacture our own hardware and design the software, the product that you get at the end is a much more rounded product offering.

Been Around for 10 Years

There are many “new kids on the block” especially in our market. We’ve been around since 2008 and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon! This is testament to our comp[any, our products and most importantly you the customer. Don’t take a chance on a new company that might not survive your warranty period – put your trust in someone that has been around the block a few times.


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