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Contribute Signage

My Playback Devices #

Once you have added some Playback Devices to your software, you are able to manage them from the “My Playback Devices” option in the left hand menu.

From this screen, you can see all the playback devices on your account. By clicking on the location Icon, you can also see the physical location of the screen on a map.



You are also able to add new devices from this screen as well as delete existing devices. 

You can organise your devices into folders which can be helpful.

First, click on “Create Folder” and give your folder a name then click “Save Changes”

To move your device(s) into that folder, you first need to select them from the table. Then click on Move Folder.

Choose the folder where you wish to move the device(s) to and click “Move Device.”


You can edit the device to give it a new name by clicking on this icon.

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