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Downloading and Registering Playback Apps (Devices) #

Downloading Apps

When you have logged into your Contribute Signage account, you are going to need to download the playback Apps in order to deploy your signage. The playback Apps are available for Android (5.0 and above) and Windows (Win8 and above).

To download the Apps, click on the link in the menu on the left hand side of the page. Then, select either the Android or the Windows App. You will then need to copy the App onto a memory stick so that you can install it on your playback device.

Installing Apps.

To install the Apps, simply double click on them from a File Manager application. Both the Android and Windows Apps install in the same way, once double clicked. For Windows, please follow the on screen instructions. 

Once your Apps are installed, please open the App.

Defining your Location

When you first open the Apps, you will need to set your location. This can be done with a city name, ZIP, Postcode or address. This is to show the playback Apps’s location on the Dashboard.


When you have entered your location, the App will then generate a unique ID number. This is the number that you need to enter into the form field on the Dashboard. (please note, you will need YOUR unique ID, not the one shown below)

When you have entered the ID, the. dashboard will tell you that the device has been registered. It will also display in the table on the dashboard. 



The App itself will give you a “Device Registered” message.


You are now ready to create and deploy signage to the playback device.

Please note, you can only add as many playback devices as you have covered in your license. If you try to add more then you have licensed, you will see this message.

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